The Trilogy is Out


Fans of magical tattoos, rejoice – at long last, the first Skindancer trilogy is complete!

A few days ago, I received my first copy of LIQUID FIRE! While there are many, many more Dakota Frost stories to be told, these first three books show Dakota’s transformation from a magical tattoo artist content to ink in her own studio to a magician aware of what’s at stake on the global stage – in a world now suddenly aware of her!

Featuring magical tattooing, magic graffiti, magic firespinning, vampires, werewolves, fae, dragons, and precocious teenagers, the Skindancer series is my love letter to Atlanta, to the Bay Area, and to both America, its traditional culture, and its counterculture, and the delicious melting mix when all those things come together.


FROST MOON, BLOOD ROCK and LIQUID FIRE are all available or up for preorder on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, and Kobo. Why don’t you all visit with Dakota … I’m sure she’d love it if you’d drop in.

-the Centaur

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