LIQUID FIRE is available for preorder

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At long last, Dakota Frost, Skindancer #3, LIQUID FIRE, is available on Amazon – for preorders at least. The actual release date is May 22, but you can request your Kindle version now.

In FROST MOON, we were introduced to Dakota Frost, best magical tattooist in the southeast. In BLOOD ROCK, Dakota had to step up to defend the city against a plague of magic graffiti. In LIQUID FIRE, a chance meeting on an airplane sucks Dakota into a battle between fire magicians over the mystic substance liquid fire – the key to incredibly powerful spells, distilled from the blood of dragons – and possibly the key to engineering a hatching of a new dragon, long thought extinct.

Featuring fantastic magic and cutting-edge science, secret societies and codebreaking wizards, spectacular action and motherly love, LIQUID FIRE is a book I’m immensely proud to bring to you, the third but not the last installment in Dakota Frost’s epic story.

-the Centaur

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