Dakota Frost Will Return

Currently editing: Dakota Frost Book 4, SPECTRAL IRON.

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BLOOD ROCK eBook is on Sale

Available wherever fine ebooks are sold through Halloween! Here’s the Kindle link for convenience, but you should be able to find it on Nook, Kobo, Google and Apple …

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The Modanaqa

So I’ve always known that the werekin in Dakota’s universe lived in groups they called packs, but which we might call tribes, complete with drumming rituals:

Drums beat, strong and primal. Fire blazed from burning barrels. And on the broad floor of what had been a warehouse, a crowd of nearly-human shapes cheered on as a huge wolf the size of a tiger faced off with a stag the size of a Buick.

I started to think that maybe this job wasn’t worth it.

Ragged young boys ran the outer perimeter of the werehouse, human in form but snapping and snarling at each other with the voices of dogs. Wolves padded back and forth around the largest and scruffiest single group of men; both wolves and men stared at me with hungry eyes. There were other groups—tall, proud men I took to be werestags, another group crowded around a werebear, and many others. Or perhaps there was no relation between their human forms and their beasts—I had not seen any of them change yet.

Recently, working on a Cinnamon Frost book, I discovered the original group behind that community was indeed a “tribe”, the Modanaqa people, “the people who lived here before the Americans and the Europeans, the Cherokee and the Creek”. Historically speaking, that would make them a remnant of the Moundbuilder culture, ruins of which can be seen at nearby Etowah.

And now I’ve given them a language based on Mvskoke (Creek) and a script (pictured up at top) based on khipu (Incan knot writing). Amazing what I didn’t know about my own story!

-the Centaur

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FROST MOON on sale for 1 more day!

Get it while supplies last! Well, it’s an ebook, so the supplies will last, but the discount won’t!

Go check it out on AmazonKoboNook or wherever fine ebooks are sold!

-the Centaur

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FROST MOON eBook is on Sale!

Good news, Edgeworlders! FROST MOON is on sale through the 15th!

The Cover to FROST MOON

FROST MOON is my first novel, the tale of Dakota Frost, a woman who can bring her tattoos to life, and her very first encounter with the sharp edges of the Edgeworld she’s been dancing around all her adult life. She meets vampires and werewolves, weretigers and faerie, and soon is on the ride of her life when the police warn her about a serial killer attacking the magically tattooed near the full moon … right when a werewolf asks her to tattoo a design on him. Is he the killer … or the next victim?

Go check it out on Amazon, Kobo, Nook or wherever fine ebooks are sold!

-the Centaur

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Guest Post on Speculative Chic

So I talk a bit about the stories that inspire Dakota and Cinnamon Frost over at the Speculative Chic blog … to learn more about what’s behind the story, go check it out!

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Now I Know God’s Just Messing With Me

Cinnamon FROSTed Flakes

Alright, alright, God, I will get on with the Cinnamon Frost stories as soon as possible!

-the Centaur

Pictured: my favorite kind of cereal, now in my favorite kind of flavor, which also happens to be the name of my favorite character. Aaa!

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Dragon Con Schedule, 2017 Edition!


Dragon Con returns, and I’ll be on a lot of panels, plus reading some from future Dakota Frost and Cinnamon Frost stories in my author reading on Sunday! The panels I have scheduled so far are:

  • Androids & Automatons
    Friday 1pm – Sheraton / Augusta
    This presentation will cover the history of artificial life from the ancient Greeks to modern automata artists. Techniques for creating your own automata will also be shared.
  • Practical Time Travel for the Storyteller
    Saturday 4pm – Sheraton / Athens
    This panel discusses the real science behind time travel, as well as how these scientific theories can place both challenging & rewarding demands on the stories we tell. Time dilation, the grandfather paradox, & others will be explained & these theories discussed.
  • The Magic and Technology of Building Alternate Worlds
    Saturday 5:30pm – Sheraton / Augusta
    Be it alchemical spells or industrial revolution, many alternate history and Steampunk worlds feature magic, fantastic technological marvels, or even both. But each choice shapes the worlds these authors build. This roundtable discuss worldbuilding and the balance between fantasy and science.
  • Author Reading: Anthony Francis
    Sunday 2:30pm – Hyatt / University
    SF & Urban Fantasy author of Frost Moon, Blood Rock and Liquid Fire reads from his work, including selections from Jeremiah Willstone and the Clockwork Time Machine, from future Dakota Frost novels, and maybe even some Cinnamon Frost stories!

Also, I was scheduled to do a SAM Talk, but it was inadvertently booked over my author reading, and I pretty much have to prioritize my own author reading over a SAM Talk even if there might be more people at the other room. So if you attend my author reading, you may also get to hear what was intended to be my SAM Talk, “Risk Getting Worse”, in which I talk a bit about the origins of Dakota Frost …

Screenshot 2017-08-31 04.07.05.png

Hope to see you all there – from my end of the table, it kind of looks like this:


Here’s crossing fingers that we get the double booking all worked out!

-the Centaur

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Well, we’re getting ahead of the curve at last on SPIRITUAL GOLD … two days ahead.

Camp Nano 2017-07-24-a.png

My writing retreat this weekend has paid off. I spent some time hanging out with the Treehouse Writers at the Linde Lane Tea Room in Dixon, California, then holed up in a hotel in downtown Davis, hanging out in bookstores and coffeehouses in an attempt to make some progress on SPIRITUAL GOLD. The actual day of the drive was a wash, but after that, I managed to get more than two days worth of words done in each day, and almost that today.

Camp Nano 2017-07-24-b.png

Now at last I’m ahead of the curve, and if I can stay there for a few more days, I’ll win Camp Nano. More importantly, however, I’ve marched forward in the manuscript so I’m around Chapter 37 out of roughly 50, with much of the text of the remainder partially written and merely needing some ironing out. With luck, I’ll finish SPIRITUAL GOLD at the end of the month, and shortly thereafter, and then can begin editing Dakota Frosts #4-#6 together as one big trilogy.


-the Centaur

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Getting Momentum on SPIRITUAL GOLD

Camp Nano 2017-07-17-a.png

As usual, it takes me some time to get back into a book, especially if I’ve spent the first few days of the month distracted by something like, uh, I dunno, scouting locations for the book.


But, now, after about a week of concerted work, I’m getting my legs under me. Blood remains in the water, but it is receding.

Camp Nano 2017-07-17-b.png

Should I include an excerpt? Ah, sure. Raw stuff, still needs more research, but, here you go:

“Hey, hey, hey,” I said. “Why would you want me to use the isolation tank?”

“Because Carrington got infected after a spirit journey she took here,” Heinz said. “A journey which just might have taken her into faerie, given our current theory. And since I have the magical affinity of a wet noodle, and wouldn’t know a faerie from a star on Broadway—”

“Troglodyte,” I muttered, glaring at him. “Fine, fine, fine, I’m the best suited for this … this suicide mission—”

“No!” Wilz said. “If you really think this will hurt you, no go. I don’t need the liability.”

I sighed, then stared at Heinz.

“In my professional judgment,” Heinz said, “if this was a normal infection, one of the hundreds of people who’ve used this isolation tank would already have been infected. If this was a magical infection, you would already have been infected by your prior exposure. And if there’s magic here at all … you’re the most likely one to find it.”

“Fine.” I said. “Fine—”

“I … will show you to the showers,” Wilz said.

Ten minutes later, I returned from a quick splashdown, holding tight to my body a big, warm, white fuzzy robe provided by Wilz, as Heinz looked at me with quite the smirk. I glared at him, then turned the glare on Wilz, who recoiled in a mix of surprise and curiosity.

“No commentary!” I said, peeling off the robe quickly, bare to my metal bikini. “Zipit!”

Wilz took the robe, then drew his hand across his mouth, glancing at Heinz.

“Okay,” Wilz said. “We’d rather not have to flush this water after each use, so—”

“Don’t say don’t pee in it,” I said, pointing at him. “I know that already! I’m an adult!”

“Yeah, well,” Heinz began.

“And you’re not!” I shot back.

“I didn’t personally put Doctor Orleans in the tank,” Wilz said. “I don’t know what was said, so I don’t know how to recreate the conditions that she, er, he, experienced while in there. All I can tell you is to lie down, to relax … and to keep your head above water.”

“I hope there’s a headrest,” I muttered.

“There is,” Wilz said. “Let me help you in—”

The Epsom salt laden water of the tank was warm, thick, almost tacky as I went in. The tank made soft booming noises as I moved, strangely muffled by the outer padding. Wilz helped me straighten out to level, then guided my head down to a horseshoe-shaped rest.

The door of the tank closed … and I was left in darkness.


-the Centaur

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