Dakota Frost, Past and Future

Right now if you go to your favorite bookstore, the only three Dakota Frost books that you can buy are the first trilogy: FROST MOON, BLOOD ROCK, and LIQUID FIRE:

Liquid Fire - 600x900x300.jpg

But I’m hard at work on the next three, SPECTRAL IRON, PHANTOM SILVER, and SPIRITUAL GOLD:

Phantom Silver v2 Small.png

This isn’t an official cover, it’s just art by me based on other shots we had of the same model from the LIQUID FIRE and BLOOD ROCK covers:

Blood Rock cover 3.png

I know there was a long hiatus between BLOOD ROCK and LIQUID FIRE, but I’ve already written rough drafts of SPECTRAL IRON and PHANTOM SILVER and am 6,000 words into SPIRITUAL GOLD … not to mention having written a rough draft of the first Cinnamon book, HEX CODE.

Blood Rock Frontispiece.png

I’m hoping to get SPECTRAL out to beta readers around the end of October so I can start work on PHANTOM in earnest this November for Nanowrimo. Keep your fingers crossed! Or … if you’re not yet familiar with Dakota’s story, start here:

Frost Moon Cover.png

-the Centaur

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