Burning that liquid fire…

Back at work on LIQUID FIRE and it’s progressing well. From a recent scene:

“Does … does every tattoo use a brand new needle? For health or something?”

“Every time,” I said. “For health reasons, of course, but for the art too, and most of all for the magic. You don’t want some scratcher muddling your hide with a worn-out needle filled with stray mana traces it picked up from half a dozen other pigments.”

“You don’t like scratchers, do you?” She leaned closer to the horn, still not touching it.

“I love my work,” I said, standing, oddly irritated. I sat down on the edge of the butcher’s block, the cabinet to my back. “No, that’s not it. I care about the people getting tattoos. They’re permanent marks. Every time you pick up the needle, you have to give it your A game.”


-the Centaur

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