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I know I’ve been a bit slack updating this blog recently … the most frequent updates to Dakota Frost’s status can be found on her Facebook page or on her Google+ page, whereas updates on my own writing life can be found on The Library of Dresan blog or on my Google+ page.

The biggest Dakota Frost news, of course, is the upcoming audio book, read by Traci Odom. I really like it (and so does my wife … especially Cinnamon’s voice) and am working to get my feedback to Traci within a week so she can finish it up and we can get the book out there!

The next biggest news is that I’m gearing up to work on LIQUID FIRE, the third Dakota Frost book. I’ve already got 80,000+ words with a target around … uh … 120,000 words? Hopefully a bit less. While I’m doing that I’m also trying to finish editing the draft of THE CLOCKWORK TIME MACHINE to send to my beta readers, but when that’s done LIQUID FIRE will be the top of my pile.

Keep inking,
-the Centaur

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