If you told me you wanted a preorder …

… call Bell Bridge Books and order BLOOD ROCK. I filled out something like 12 bookplates for Bell Bridge but only 2 people ended up ordering. (That’s not counting those for Rosemary’s Romance Books, which did get 10 preorders).

Otherwise, as of Monday of next week they’ll send the bookplates back to me. At that point, if you were one of the 22 people who expressed an interest in a preorder, contact me directly and I’ll get the bookplate to you.

-the Centaur

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4 Responses to If you told me you wanted a preorder …

  1. Jesslyn says:

    ARGHHHH! I ordered the book from Amazon Kindle store! Well, I’ve been pimping it on Goodreads and Google+ so maybe that makes up for the error.

    So far it is GREAT. Thanks and please, please, please keep on writing!

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