The BLOOD ROCK ebook situation …

BLOOD ROCK is already on Kindle, of course, but I’ve had a lot of questions about what other e-readers it is coming to.

According to Bell Bridge Books, Sony, Kobo and Nook are all in the works. They didn’t mention Google Books specifically, but it’s almost certainly in the pipe and would probably show up here.

The only place it WON’T show up, for now, is Fictionwise. As I understand it, Fictionwise no longer DRMs their titles, and since my books have been rampantly pirated (BLOOD ROCK was already available for piracy from before I received my box of galley proofs, much less the for-sale printed copies) so I can see why Bell Bridge is hesitant.

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  1. A Guy says:

    I don’t see how a DRM free site would hurt. If pirated versions are already available, those intending to pirate already can, whereas limiting purchasing options can only drive people to pirate (probably in minimal additional numbers, admittedly). Piracy is largely unavoidable, but could be somewhat reduced by lowering the kindle price (from the online forums I’m part of, and the papers/articles I read, I gather that $9.99 is considered way too high)

    • centaur says:

      There are a lot of miscreants out there who won’t lift a finger to do anything complicated but will steal anything not nailed down. A DRM-free site would almost certainly it would lead to more piracy. That’s the tack my editors have taken.

      The question is, will it lead to more good than harm? I, for one, regularly buy printed volumes to go along with webcomics I’ve already read. And giving things away for free works for Cory Doctorow and his use of the Creative Commons and O’Reilly’s ebook+book deals.

      For me, I’m willing to explore lots of options. I’m going with the editor’s judgment on the Skindancer series. I plan on releasing THE CLOCKWORK TIME MACHINE on the web, chapter by chapter, along with the book as a traditional book. I plan on releasing the books in the Frontiersmanship series side by side with their Creative Commons versions. And my webcomics are always free, but print versions I’ll charge for once enough is out there to collect into a book (which may be a looong time).

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