Preparing the Reading

blood rock radio script, updated

I thought it might be useful to see the script a bit closer to completion. The script-style “SPEAKER: Dialogue goes here” style is my idea, and the color coding is an idea suggested by my wife (I’d been thinking of it but it was her suggestion that prompted me to actually do it). I also time it, and put time notes in the script when producing the sound bed – the list of music tracks that goes with the dialogue. Previously the time notes were scribbled notes on a printout, but I’ve got a little more time now so I’m doing it right. Oh, and I’ve eliminated the Seven Dirty Words – trickier than it sounds as you can’t easily do a search and replace.

I prefer to practice at least three times – once to get timing, once with the soundbed, and once for polish. If time permits, I do these on the three evenings prior to appearing on Ann Arbor’s show just before going to bed, as there’s some evidence that sleep improves memory consolidation (e.g., here, here and here).

But having a nice relaxed holiday afternoon to practice counts too.

See you all tomorrow at 7:20AM on Ann Arbor’s Unbedtime Stories.

-the Centaur

Pictured: a screenshot of the reading script.

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