Things keep getting better and better…

Frost Moon is:

  • On the front page of Fictionwise (and #7 on their bestseller list)
  • Close to cracking #100,000 on Barnes and Noble’s sales list
  • Still slowly creeping up Amazon’s Kindle list … at roughly #2300

Dakota’s also doing well on the regular Amazon list, bubbling up higher and higher … and even on her Facebook page … which has 34 fans now!

And … I’ve finished the first book of beta reader’s comments on Blood Rock. Only ~6 more to go and then Book 2 will hopefully be on its way to the publisher!
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One Response to Things keep getting better and better…

  1. CC Thomas says:

    Just read and reviewed Frost Moon for my blog! Loved it! Can’t wait to read the 2nd installment!

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