Working on preorders for BLOOD ROCK…

I can’t make preorders of ebooks possible on Amazon, Fictionwise, Barnes and Noble or iBook, but I am tracking how many people want a copy of BLOOD ROCK. Comment on this message or respond on Dakota’s Facebook page and I’ll do what I can to make preorders possible.

-the Centaur

UPDATE: Looks like this will be possible. More in a bit.

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45 Responses to Working on preorders for BLOOD ROCK…

  1. Daniel Arbuckle says:

    I’d love one

  2. Keith Thompson says:

    Loved the first book gave it to my daughter. Now she bugs me all the
    time about the next one.

  3. Janine Wessel says:

    I really liked the first book, so I’d love to preorder the next one too.

  4. Mary Allen says:


  5. Felisha says:

    I want to pre-0rder.

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