Skindancer Book 2: Blood Rock

Blood Rock is the sequel to Frost Moon, and continues the story of “skindancer” Dakota Frost, a magical tattoo artist living in an alternate Atlanta.

SPOILER NOTE: The beginning of Blood Rock unavoidably gives away some things about Frost Moon – sorry. Keep it under your hats, and please don’t tell anyone Anakin Skywalker is actually Darth Vader either.

And now: Blood Rock:

From the outside, my baby blue Prius looks as normal as can be: a streamlined bubble of a car with an aerodynamic rear-hitch bike rack, humming along on a hybrid gas/electric engine. She couldn’t scream ‘liberal soccer mom’ louder if she was a Volvo plastered with NPR stickers. Peer inside, however, and you see something completely different.

In the driver’s seat, yours truly: a six-foot two woman with a purple-and-black Mohawk – short in front, a la Grace Jones, but lengthening in back until it becomes a long tail curling around my neck. Striking, yes, but what really draws your eyes are my tattoos.

Starting at my temples, a rainbow of tribal daggers curls under the perimeter of my Mohawk, cascading down my neck, rippling out over my arms, and exploding in colorful braids of vines and jewels and butterflies. Beautiful, yes, but that’s not why you can’t look away — its because, out of the corner of your eye, you saw my tattoos move — there, they did it again! You swear, that leaf fluttered, that gem sparkled. It’s like magic!

Why, yes, they did move, and yes, they are magic. Thanks for noticing. All inked at the Rogue Unicorn by yours truly, Dakota Frost, best magical tattoo artist in the Southeast.

Beside me sits a five-nothing teenaged girl, listening to a podcast on her iPod. Normally she’s dressed in a vest and Capri pants, but today she’s in a shockingly conservative schoolgirl’s outfit that clashes with her orange hair and elaborate tiger-striped tattoos.

At first what you see is easy to interpret: an outsider trying to fit in, or a rebel suffering a forced fit. But then your eyes do another double take: are those … cat ears poking out from beneath her head scarf? Did they move? And is that a tail? My God, honey, could she be one of those … what are they called … “were-cats”?

Why yes, her ears did move, and yes, she’s a weretiger. But didn’t your mom tell you it’s rude to point? She has a name: Cinnamon Frost. And she’s my adopted daughter.

Both the Prius and the weretiger in its passenger seat are brand new to me. I met Cinnamon only two months ago, visiting a local werehouse to research a werewolf tattoo, and ended up adopting her after a serial killer damn near killed her trying to get to me. I picked up the Prius right around the same time, a little splurge after winning a tattooing contest.

The adjustment was hard at first: Cinnamon took over my house and tried to take over my life. But my Mom had been a schoolteacher, and I’d learned a few tricks. In the first few weeks after she moved in I put the hammer down, never smiling, setting clear boundaries for her behavior and my sanity. Finally — when she got past the point of the tears, the “not-fairs,” and the most egregious misbehaviors — I eased up, and we once again shared the easy “gee you’re a square but I like you anyway” camaraderie we’d started with.

Now we were peas in a pod; whenever I went out she tagged along, riding shotgun, listening to her audiobooks while I jammed to Rush. The two of us look as different as can be, except for the identical stainless steel collars about our necks, but one minute seeing the two of us laughing together and you’d think I’d been her mother for her whole life.

But today my sunny bundle of fur was feeling quite sullen.

“Don’t worry,” I said, patting her knee softly. One of them will accept you.”

-the Centaur

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7 Responses to Skindancer Book 2: Blood Rock

  1. pipsing says:

    When and where will we be able to buy a copy of this book? I LOVED Frost Moon. I'm also happy that you're releasing these as ebooks.

  2. CCL says:

    I have a book blog and reviewed your first book, Frost Moon a few weeks ago (, and I loved it! It's one of the best first books of new series that I have read in quite a long time!

    If you are looking for advance readers/ reviewers for your second book, please consider me as one!


    PS – glad to see we share a love of purrbabies, too! An author after my own heart!

  3. godzirra says:

    Absolutely loved your first book and can't wait to read the second!

  4. glitrbug says:

    How much longer??? I was an early reader of Frost Moon and suggested to Debbie that she let the Kindle Smut group at GoodReads read it. We are all panting for the new book.

    • centaur says:

      Oy! You’ve been waiting a while … the book will be out almost a year after you posted. Sorry! It was just such a longer book it took a while for it go back and forth between me and the editor. August 16th.

  5. Welsh Book Worm says:

    Just read Frost Moon and really enjoyed it. Now I’m confused… When is the book due to be published; I read October of last year on here, then April in the web, yet I can’t pre-order from anywhere.
    This is poor management by the publishers when they could be predicting popularity with pre-orders.

    • centaur says:

      So sorry! BLOOD ROCK was one and a half times as long as FROST MOON so it took me long to write, long for the editor to edit, long for me to revise, long for the line editor to review, and then now I’m churning through the line edits. August 16 is the date now and it seems on track.

      I will ping Bell Bridge Books about preorders though!

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