11,500 words into HEX CODE

HEX CODE, the Cinnamon Frost YA, is progressing nicely this National Novel Writing Month. I’m 11,500 words in, which means, given that I started with a seed of 1500 words, that I’ve just finished 10,000 words so far this month.

That’s 20% of the 50,000 words that make up Nano. HEX CODE is looking to be a slightly more complex YA than I initially thought, probably 90,000 words rather than 60,000 (unless I can keep it tight) so I’m probably about 10% done with the book.

It’s quite fun – the Atlanta Homicide Barbershop Quarter, Rand, McGough, Horscht and Gibbs, have made their first appearance and now that all our principals know each other the scene fits like a glove. Interesting seeing things from Cinnamon’s perspective!

So … onward!

-the Centaur

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