Good news, friends of the Edgeworld! If you’ve caught up on the first two Dakota Frost books and want to try the third, you’re in luck – the Kindle edition of LIQUID FIRE is on sale for $1.99 through the end of the month! Will our lonely tattooed heroine finally find a girlfriend? Will her daughter finally get recognition for her mathematical skill? And will the ancient cadre of wizards out to rule the world let them have a free minute to enjoy a frappe at their favorite bookstore … or will they find themselves fighting fire ninjas to the death in a struggle for control of the spirit of a hatching dragon? Read LIQUID FIRE and you’ll find out!


-the Centaur

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Dakota’s Friends

No, Dakota’s not on vacation … I’m hard at work at Dakota Frost #6 SPIRITUAL GOLD (I’m writing the next 3 together to make the plot work out right). But her good friend Jeremiah Willstone just made her novel-length debut in our universe, so I hope yall don’t mind me crossposting about THE CLOCKWORK TIME MACHINE! It’s steampunk, not urban fantasy, but also set in Atlanta!

-the Centaur

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Dakota Frost, Past and Future

Right now if you go to your favorite bookstore, the only three Dakota Frost books that you can buy are the first trilogy: FROST MOON, BLOOD ROCK, and LIQUID FIRE:

Liquid Fire - 600x900x300.jpg

But I’m hard at work on the next three, SPECTRAL IRON, PHANTOM SILVER, and SPIRITUAL GOLD:

Phantom Silver v2 Small.png

This isn’t an official cover, it’s just art by me based on other shots we had of the same model from the LIQUID FIRE and BLOOD ROCK covers:

Blood Rock cover 3.png

I know there was a long hiatus between BLOOD ROCK and LIQUID FIRE, but I’ve already written rough drafts of SPECTRAL IRON and PHANTOM SILVER and am 6,000 words into SPIRITUAL GOLD … not to mention having written a rough draft of the first Cinnamon book, HEX CODE.

Blood Rock Frontispiece.png

I’m hoping to get SPECTRAL out to beta readers around the end of October so I can start work on PHANTOM in earnest this November for Nanowrimo. Keep your fingers crossed! Or … if you’re not yet familiar with Dakota’s story, start here:

Frost Moon Cover.png

-the Centaur

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It was a hacked .htaccess …

… which was an easy temporary fix. The site is safe, at least temporarily, but I’ll be working with my hosting provider and your favorite search engine to track down the open door that the hackers walked through.

Rest assured, the Magical Security Council is on the case.

-the Centaur

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A brief note on …

… apparently the site has been hacked. I’m working to restore it from backup. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can check out !

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Back to Work on SPECTRAL IRON


Dakota Frost #4 is on the way … have no fear, it will be this year. Unless evil ghosts keep it away.

-the Centaur

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FROST MOON On Sale on Amazon!


Like magic? Like tattooing? Like werewolves? Like feisty magical tattoo artist fighting off a charming rogue werewolf suitor with a stick, while the two of them might just be prey to a serial killer targeting the magically tattooed? Well, if so, you are in luck, because the first book in the Dakota Frost, Skindancer series, FROST MOON, is now on sale on Amazon!

  • FROST MOON – werewolves and magic tattoos and serial killers, oh my! for $1.99
  • BLOOD ROCK – vampires and magic graffiti and magic arson, oh noes! for $4.61
  • LIQUID FIRE – dragons and firespinning and fire ninjas, my goodness! for $1.99

I’m hard at work at Book 4, SPECTRAL IRON, and Book 5, PHANTOM SILVER, and even a spinoff series starring Dakota Frost’s adoptive daughter, Cinnamon Frost, starting with the book provisionally titled HEX CODE. So if you read these, I plan on having a lot more where that was coming from! I hope you enjoy!

-the Centaur

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Now THAT Was a Book Reading


So my book reading at Books Inc in Mountain View happened, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. We had a lot of people show up – more than at first I thought – and there was a lot of positive energy from the people in the audience which made it easy to read.  (Note: I took pictures before the event, but not during, because I was the speaker, and that would be just rude).


I actually was less nervous and stuttery speaking to this crowd than I was when I was sitting alone in my great room reading the passages I had planned. The thing I’m happiest about, however, is that I planned what I was going to read deliberately.

Normally I read, by reflex, the first section of whatever new thing I’ve got. But sometimes the setup is not that interesting, so I’ve tried reading really exciting bits. But that doesn’t seem to work either – people demand context.


That led to a brainflash: I decided I should think not about what I wanted to read but what I wanted people to get out of the reading. I chose the first page and a half of FROST MOON to set the stage. At the last minute, I also decided to read a page and a half of BLOOD ROCK, filled with police, magic and vampires, to show progression in the world (and unabashedly to show off what I thought was a nice bit of writing). And then I chose to read the first half of a chapter out of LIQUID FIRE, tuning again at the last minute, to show off the action and adventure of “The Battle of Union Square.” People seemed to love it – I even got applause.

What’s more, the sequence of selections enabled me to talk about various aspects of the world I’d built – setting it in a time and place, making the action realistic, exploring consequences – and led into a really good Q&A session. Finally, I left a little time out to read the first chunk of THE CLOCKWORK TIME MACHINE, which also seemed to strike a chord. At the end, we had a line of people for signing, including one who bought a copy of the whole trilogy; many of those joined us for a victory dinner.

Wow. I am so happy that you all came, and that you all liked it. You really made my day. Thank you.

At first I thought just enough people showed up to fill half the seats, but I was wrong – there were actually many more people standing and watching who didn’t sit down because they were late. I didn’t see them because I was paying attention to the nearer audience, but I know this because some of them came up afterward to talk to me … and others took pictures and sent them to me.


What a wonderful event. I want to send my sincere thanks to Alex, the whole staff of Books Inc, and the staff of the upstairs Cafe Romanza, who have not only made this a great experience for me, but also have made this environment one of the best places I know to sit down, to get some good coffee, and to find and read a good book – or to imagine and write one.

-the Centaur

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Reading LIQUID FIRE at Books Inc

So it’s crept up upon me: the first author event for Dakota Frost #3, LIQUID FIRE, this Wednesday the 26th at 7pm at Books Inc!


Well, as I recall, we had a small reading at Clockwork Alchemy, but this is the official premiere of the book! What’s more wonderful is that this reading will be in the bookstore that hosts the cafe where a goodly chunk of LIQUID FIRE was written!

Local author Anthony Francis shares his latest urban fantasy, Liquid Fire. Filled with spectacular magic, pyrotechnic action, and kinky romance, Liquid Fire is the action-packed third installment in the Dakota Frost, Skindancer series.


I’ll likely read a bit of FROST MOON to set context, then some of LIQUID FIRE, take questions, and finish up with a preview of something special coming soon!

So please drop in and support your local independent bookstore … and your favorite magical tattoo artist!

-the Centaur

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The Trilogy is Out


Fans of magical tattoos, rejoice – at long last, the first Skindancer trilogy is complete!

A few days ago, I received my first copy of LIQUID FIRE! While there are many, many more Dakota Frost stories to be told, these first three books show Dakota’s transformation from a magical tattoo artist content to ink in her own studio to a magician aware of what’s at stake on the global stage – in a world now suddenly aware of her!

Featuring magical tattooing, magic graffiti, magic firespinning, vampires, werewolves, fae, dragons, and precocious teenagers, the Skindancer series is my love letter to Atlanta, to the Bay Area, and to both America, its traditional culture, and its counterculture, and the delicious melting mix when all those things come together.


FROST MOON, BLOOD ROCK and LIQUID FIRE are all available or up for preorder on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, and Kobo. Why don’t you all visit with Dakota … I’m sure she’d love it if you’d drop in.

-the Centaur

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